Energy Minister says letting curtailment policy expire will reduce uncertainty for oil industry

Alberta’s Minister of Energy has issued a statement saying the province will be allowing the current curtailment policy to expire at the end of the year.

The act was made to allow the Minister of Energy to set an amount of crude oil and bitumen an operator would be allowed to produce in a month.

Minister Sonya Savage explained that the reason it was put into place was with the intention of a temporary measure for if storage levels got too high and there were significant pipeline constraints.

Savage says those limits are not needed at this time and that no limit has been set since December of last year, noting that the market is now working as it should.

“This is in large part because Enbridge’s Line 3 is now online and operational, and the Trans Mountain Expansion is expected to come online in early 2023,” according to Savage.

She claims that by removing it, the oil industry will now have the confidence knowing that their production will not be limited.

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