Province adds additional $21.5 million towards shelters

During a press conference in Edmonton yesterday premier Jason Kenney announced a $21.5 million funding package for homeless shelters across the province.

The funding package will be distributed by providing $13 million for emergency homeless shelters to support 14 expanded facilities to meet physical distancing requirements.

Another $6.5 million will be used for ten isolation facilities throughout Alberta, one of which is right here in Fort McMurray.

Isolation facilities are a place for those requiring a shelter and who have contracted covid-19.

The shelter provides isolation and medical care while keeping clients safe from exposure.

And the remaining $2 million will be put towards funding emergency women’s shelters.

Due to the pandemic, reports of domestic violence have increased across the province.

The funding, which is above the $78 million announced last year, guarantees the facilities supported will remain until at least March 2022.

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