March Mullets Campaign Raises Over $26K For Mental Health Supports

The Canadian Mental Health Association of Wood Buffalo is getting a big help financially thanks to a group of people donning a mullet.

The annual March Mullets campaign was able to raise over $26,000 which will be used to advance youth mental health programming within the organization’s recovery college.

Over 20 people took part which included a two-year-old, two women, and even a dog.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, Emma Jones, CMHA Marketing and Community Relations Manager, noted the campaign also helped start a conversation.

“There is still that stigma associated, we feel maybe a little uncomfortable about sharing our feelings, men and women, but definitely men have that pressure from society still.”

A mother and her two sons also ended up getting the 80’s hairstyle.

April Breadmore along with Eric and Mathieu LeDuc were part of the team ‘Mullets for Mantha’ which ended up raising over nearly $17,000.

The three lost their sister/aunt to suicide and have been using the campaign as a way to remember her.

“I’ve also struggled with anxiety and depression over the last 10 years,” added Eric. “I’ve used the CMHA services in the past to get help.”

For April, she also wanted to shine a light on how those who don’t suffer from a mental illness can help.

She says she’s never had to deal with anxiety, depression, or any other illness though she experienced it firsthand with her sister.

“Even though my sister had a lot of bipolar and mental health issues and I did not, I struggled with dealing with how to help her and not being able to help her.”

Though the campaign is over, CMHA is encouraging everyone to keep the conservation going and help end the stigma around mental health.

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