Deaner ’89 Trailer

“Follows Dean Murdoch, a party animal, as he travels back in time to 1989.”

Dean Murdoch is taking us back to his roots in an origin story set in small town Manitoba. This is the same Deaner of FUBAR and FUBAR II fame, but back in time in a story that sees Dean receive a trunk of his late father’s legacy. This is before Ferrell and his documentary, before Tron funkin’ blew, and before the pair found work (and disaster) getting “hard in the Mac!”. Paul Spence – playing Dean like no one else could – shares the screen with Canadian comedy royalty like Will Sasso, Mary Walsh and Kevin McDonald.

Where is Terry? Well after the pair terrorized Fort McMurray, he’s been spending time in jail with the Trailer Park Boys and givin’ ‘er around Canada, but the two haven’t been spending time together lately. Not sure what the story is, but it does make me a bit sad to see Terry and Deaner separately and not as Terry & Deaner the True Blue Two-Liner Crew. Who knows, the future may hold a reunion! But for now we have another Canadian metal-loving comedy movie to look forward to when it arrives September 6th.

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And for the hell of it, here are blurry photos of the times I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with the FUBAR boys.

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