Why Fireworks Matter on Canada Day

Another Canada Day has come and gone. Every year, we look forward to the big display in the sky within our communities and appreciate the effort people put in to make it all happen. Some communities miss out on this opportunity though. Whether its due to poor planning, broken equipment or the occasional uproar from city members about how fireworks scare the wildlife or their fur baby friends. The latter just happened in a community I just moved from in BC and I was in awe of the chaos that came with a cancelled firework/drone show for yet another year. 3rd year in a row to be exact. Facebook rant pages can be a gong show.

I’m of the belief that fireworks on Canada Day are more than just a display of lights in the sky; they symbolize a celebration of unity, culture, and national pride. As a Canadian, I’m deeply thankful for fireworks on Canada Day because they evoke a sense of joy and togetherness among Canadians from coast to coast. They create a moment of collective awe and wonder, where people of all ages and backgrounds gather to witness the spectacular display.

Fireworks on Canada Day bring communities closer. Whether it’s families watching from their backyards, friends gathered in parks, or entire towns coming together at public events, these displays foster a sense of community spirit and belonging. They remind us of the sacrifices made by those who came before us and the ongoing efforts to uphold the values of democracy, diversity, and inclusivity.

They remind us of what it means to be Canadian and inspire us to continue building a brighter future together. Its sad not every community gets to experience them year after year. I’m grateful for fireworks this Canada Day, even if my social media pages will be clogged with videos of them for the next 24 hours. They happened here but unfortunately not everywhere else.

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