BP Warns Employees to Disclose Office Romances or Face Termination Following CEO Bernard Looney’s Affair Scandals

Oil giant BP has put a new spin on “drilling down” into office romances, warning employees to disclose any love interests at work or face getting the boot. This comes after their CEO was “fired up” and then just plain fired over his own scandalous affairs. The revised conflicts of interest policy, which slid into employees’ inboxes last week and was reviewed by Reuters, shows how ex-CEO Bernard Looney’s abrupt exit last September is still causing aftershocks.

The new guidelines humorously declare that “dating on the job” could lead to career blowouts, stating that employees cannot directly or indirectly manage anyone they’re romantically involved with. BP is also requiring its thousands of upper management personnel to spill the beans about any workplace romances from the past three years. These managers have a “grace period” until September 1 to come clean or risk hitting a career “oil slick.”

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