Was Duff Beer named after Duff McKagan? No. Here’s the real story:

Duff McKagan claims it was…

For years now he’s claimed that he was contacted in the 80’s about a cartoon using his name in their program. At the time he didn’t care and gave them permission, it wasn’t until The Simpson’s exploded and they started selling Duff Beer merchandise that it bothered him… At least that’s his story. The creators of The Simpsons have denied the connection and if you’re from Saskatchewan, like me, you know that Duff Beer was actually named after Duff, Saskatchewan..

Matt Groenings father, who is actually named Homer, was born in Saskatchewan. He was born in a tiny place called Main Centre, Saskatchewan. Population: 5. But because Matt tied in so much of his actual family history into the show, its speculated that he named Duff beer after the town in Sasky.

There you go: The real story…someone please forward this to Duff McKagan

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