Star Wars Outlaws Update

“Watch the new Game Overview trailer, featuring exciting new locations you can explore, and the high-risk jobs you can take on in Star Wars Outlaws.”

Yesterday, as part of the usual summer line-up of game announcements and updates, Ubisoft shared their upcoming slate during a flashy showcase. Right off the hop, they hyper-jumped into Star Wars Outlaws, the first ever open-world Star Wars game, and it’s looking closer to an open galaxy with several planets to visit and so many areas to explore on the various planet surfaces.

Star Wars Outlaws stars the scoundrel Kay Vess, played by former Fort McMurrayite Humberly Gonzalez, originally from Venezuela. You may have just seen her in the horror movie Tarot, or as a series regular on Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia. If that all isn’t crazy enough, she’s also joining the live-action Star Trek universe alongside Michelle Yeoh in the upcoming movie Star Trek: Section 31. Crazy.

Star Wars Outlaws officially releases on several systems on August 30th, with pre-orders available now.

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