Deadpool Wolverine Popcorn Bucket

Years from now they will look back at 2024 as the year the War of the Popcorn Buckets began.

Where do we even start with this.

As soon as the infamous Dune 2 popcorn bucket (as in: “Good lord, what are you Dune 2 that popcorn bucket?”) and the Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Slimer bucket (as in: “Good lord, what are you Ghostbustering to that popcorn bucket?”) arrived, Ryan Reynolds just couldn’t help himself. An unhinged reveal to tie-in to his ratings-pushing third Deadpool installment was promised. Yesterday he delivered on that promise. With extra butter.

Well-known and talented graphic designer content creator Bosslogic made a mock-up (above) after Reynolds’ first mention, which is truly not that far-off from the final design. In fact, some impatient people have turned that spoof design into real 3D-printed glory. No, not glory! Sorry. 3D-printed majesty. Whew, saved it.

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