How do we feel about more new Emojis?

It feels like maybe, we’re probably losing interest in new Emoji’s…how many more can they possibly come up with? Obviously, the options are there, but do we really care?

According to the Unicode Consortium, Apple is putting the ‘finishing touches’ on 7 new Emoji’s and we might get the ‘official’ preview on World Emoji Day, which falls on Wednesday, July 17th.

Don’t get me wrong, I love using Emoji’s, but I still have the same 5-10 frequently used ones that I have for ages now. The eyeroll, the laughing face, the heart, the clapping hands and the giving the finger one are a few of mine. But there’s a ‘Face with bags under the eyes’ that I feel could be put into good rotation. – Stacie

Read all about the potential new Emoji’s here.

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