Wood Buffalo Economic Development and Tourism announces new Board

Wood Buffalo Economic Development and Tourism (WBEDT) has a new board of directors. Mayor Sandy Bowman, Municipal Councilors Keith McGrath and Stu Wiggle, along with RMWB’s CAO Henry Hunter, assumed governance roles within the organization on Tuesday.

“As we move ahead, we look forward to continuing to support FMWBEDT staff while engaging with our partners, community organizations, local businesses, Indigenous communities, industry, and Council on how to best achieve economic development and tourism milestones,” stated Keith McGrath, Board Chair. “We have a lot of advantages, with new opportunities on the horizon. Any success will be rooted in collaboration, respectful dialogue, and doing what’s best for the community and our people.”

Dennis Vroom, seconded from the RMWB, now directs Economic Development and Tourism’s operations.

In early April, the Municipal Council voted to replace the existing board of the organization after a closed meeting.

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