One Pricey Pineapple

I don’t care if it’s a solid gold pineapple, I’m not paying $400 for it.

Del Monte

Read the room, gang. Groceries are way too expensive right now.

Much like when ruby chocolate arrived, this is way too expensive for now, and will soon just be a part of the regular line-up in the grocery store section. Currently the rare “rubyglow” variety of pineapple from Del Monte is going for $400 a pop online. They apparently spent 15 years hybridizing the average pineapple with a dark red-purple variety from Venezuela and Colombia, which has turned the exterior spines an attractive pink colour. The interior, aka the only part you actually eat, remains basic yellow, however.

I’m not even happy about spending $4 on a pineapple. I’m completely tapped out at $40, there’s no way I could justify it. And these kinda-neat novelty ananas are going for $400?! The Telefrancais pineapple is spinning in it’s grave right now.

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