Government seeks feedback on auto-insurance rates

The Government of Alberta is seeking feedback on auto insurance rates.

The province is launching an online public engagement survey to collect feedback from Albertans on what they value and need from their auto insurance. Auto insurance rates have been increasing across Canada, with repair costs, parts shortages, vehicle theft, and higher personal injury and legal costs all contributing to the climb.

A report from accounting firm Ernst and Young shows Alberta has the highest automobile insurance rates in Canada while neighbouring British Columbia has some of the lowest.

“We have been working hard to come up with a long-term solution to the complex issue of rising costs of auto insurance,” said Minister of Finance, Nate Horner.

“As we weigh our options to improve the system, we need to hear from Albertans with their thoughts and experiences.”

Alberta’s government recently commissioned independent experts to examine potential systems aimed at lowering auto insurance expenses while enhancing the sustainability and stability of the insurance sector.

“We know without reforms to address the rising cost of accident claims, auto insurance premiums will continue to increase,” said Jamie Hotte, chair of the Automobile Insurance Rate board.

The survey is available through the Government of Alberta’s website and runs until June 26, 2024.

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