Deadpool & Wolverine Full Trailer

Let’s go.

“Found the guy who killed Bambi’s mom.”

It’s not the first time we’ve heard Wolverine swear on the big screen. But it is the first time we’ve seen him drop SEVERAL and it’s just the trailer. Once again, I say to the parents: just because it’s based on a comic book does not mean it’s for kids. That being said, I would have LOVED this as a kid. I do as an adult. I digress, this is the title that sees the Deadpool franchise officially join the greater MCU, and will be the most comprehensive use of X-Men and mutant characters in the MCU as well. We’ve had teases an cameos, but that’s been the extent of it until now. It’s also the culmination of this video:

Deadpool & Wolverine releases July 26th.

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