Papyrus Part Two


Nearly 7 years ago Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live and the world was given the gift of the digital short “Papyrus”. A broken man sinks under a cloud of depression and confusion over the choice to use the papyrus font in the Avatar logo. Now it’s 2024, and there’s been a new Avatar movie released. But whatever they did to change the original franchise logo.. it wasn’t ENOUGH!

Long story short, Gosling just hosted SNL again and, in addition to reviving the alien abductee sketch where everyone breaks character and a host of other hilarious sketches, they gave us Papyrus 2. (unfortunately the YouTube clip won’t work in Canada without a VPN, but the Twitter link works!)

If this is all new to you, and you haven’t witnessed the beginning of the Papyrus saga, here is the original short. Gosling absolutely refuses to not take this performance as seriously as possible.

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