Not-So-Total Eclipse

Images from TimeAndDate

People on the Isle of Newfoundland are DIRECTLY in the Path of Totality today. Us land-locked McMurrayites are not. But we will see just over one fifth of the sun visibly obscured by the moon, and that’s still one fifth of pretty cool. The show begins at 12:01pm local time, with the maximum state of eclipse at 12:51pm, and the end is marked at 1:42pm. Don’t forget your eclipse glasses and home-made pin-hole lens creations.

Check out the local calculations from TimeAndDate here.

Fort McMurray schedule from TimeAndDate

The next total solar eclipse that we will be able to partially see is August 12, 2026. Then March 30, 2033. Then we’re almost directly on the path of totality on Aug 22-23, 2044. So after today, for at least 2 years, we’re going to need you to shut up about the sun.

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