Everything you need to know about Monday’s Eclipse

Everyone’s talking about it! The moon will cover up the sun on Monday, should we avert our eyes? Stay indoors? Get our pets special goggles? We asked our Go to Guy for Things in the Sky Jon Tupper what the scoop is for Fort McMurray. What can we expect when it happens, what time should we put our shields up, when’s the next one??

Unfortunately, Fort McMurray isn’t going to see much and thankfully for us our eyes probably won’t let us look as what we can see.

“The sun at its maximal eclipse will be just as bright as 3:30pm that day when you’re driving up Thickwood or Confed and the sun is blazing in your eyes forcing you to slow down and avert your vision. The magnitude of the sun at maximum eclipse is -26.28 vs it’s normal magnitude of -26.54. At 3:32pm the sun’s magnitude is also -26.28. My advice isn’t to stay indoors during the eclipse. It is to fill up on washer fluid and wear good sunglasses at 3:32 if you’re going up the hill”. Jon Tupper, founder of Fort McMurray Amateur Astronomy enthusiasts, Member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and Nationally published astrophotographer.

Thanks to Jon for coming on the show with us today and for giving us a little education about the Eclipse we keep hearing about.

In any case, John (morning show co-host) is ready to look up, and Jon (Go to Guy for things in the Sky) lent his sun telescope to Steph because she’s heading to Texas for the best view of it, so he may just pretend it’s not even happening.

Happy Viewing Everyone!

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