Preparations begin for River Breakup

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) is preparing for the annual river breakup.

The RMWB will be setting up their seasonal flood mitigation measures over the next three weeks and they hope to have the work completed by month’s end. With the permanent flood barriers in place, the RMWB says there will be fewer temporary measures required.

Triple Dams (water-filled barriers) as well as pumps and plugs for underground infrastructure will be installed where needed in downtown Fort McMurray and the Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park.

Sections of the interim clay berm along Clearwater Drive will remain in place until construction of the Reach 6 permanent flood mitigation project begins.

The Municipality has closed Highway 63 East Service Road to the Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park as crews work to protect the area. On March 9th, the RMWB will begin implementing road closures on Clearwater Drive from King Street to Franklin Avenue.

Most trails adjacent to the Clearwater River will be closed until seasonal mitigation measures are removed. For everyone’s safety, the RMWB is asking residents to follow all posted signage, keep a safe distance from equipment, and not enter closed areas.

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