Move over, Wheaties… We Honour Athletes with Soup Cans Now

Campbell’s soup is giving NFL retiree Jason Kelce the honour he deserves with his very own “Legend’s Edition” can. It’s green, it’s got a beard, it’s got his autograph – and it benefits charity.

Only 620 of these bad boys are being made, a nod to Kelce’s jersey number 62. and Campbell’s will also donate $62,000 to Kelce’s charity, BePhilly.

Kellogg’s, where you at? I don’t see Jason Kelce on any of your cereal boxes… might’ve helped soften the blow after last week’s PR debacle.

Looks like Campbell’s soup might be the new MVP when it comes to honouring our sports legends.

Sorry, Tony the Tiger, but Kelce’s beard beats your Frosted Flakes any day.

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