Wildfire risk and drought predicted in spring forecast

Groundhogs move over, meteorologists with The Weather Network have released their predictions for this spring.

Across the Prairies, warmer-than-normal temperatures are expected to dominate the season with a reduced risk for spring flooding due to a below-normal snowpack across the region. However, the temperature patterns are expected to be even more changeable than normal with periods of colder-than-normal temperatures and a few high-impact late winter events.

“El Niño is fading, and La Niña appears to be getting ready to take the stage as we head towards summer,” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist with The Weather Network.

“Therefore, we expect this spring will feature profound mood swings across Canada as periods of late winter-like weather interrupt our journey towards consistent warm weather.”

The Weather Network predicts drought will continue to hammer Alberta and Saskatchewan and wildfires will be an increasing concern later in the season, especially here in Alberta.

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