“Better You” Auction – Fort McMurray

The latest Harvard Media Online Auction is here, and this time the theme is “Better You“, with all kinds of products, services, and experiences up for bids that can make you feel like the best version of you. Keep your eye on the locations for each listing before you bid, and then DEFINITELY keep an eye on that bid after.

Once again items are filtered down into categories to make it easier to navigate to what you might be interested in, but some caught my eye right away. Need a men’s haircut, or bundle of five from Thickwood Barber Shop? How about $100 for food at Seventy-Two Kitchen at MacDonald Island Park? Or how about an intimate boudoir photography experience?? It’s all there, and I’m only scratching the surface.

Plus a portion of proceeds from winning bids will be going to Kids Help Phone for Pink Shirt Day, which takes place on Feb 28th – also the day that bids close on this online auction. Happy bidding!

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