Harsh words for Liberals after cutting road funding

Reaction is pouring in from across Canada after Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault announced that the Federal Government will stop providing funds to build roads in Canada.

Speaking in Montreal on Monday, Guilbeault said “There will be no more envelopes from the federal government to enlarge the road network.”

“We can very well achieve our goals of economic, social and human development without more enlargement of the road network,” he stated, adding that the money is “better invested into projects that will help fight climate change and adapt to its impacts.”

Member of Parliament, Laila Goodridge, called his comments “completely out of touch and out of tune.”

“His comments are insane on so many levels. It is hard to just pick a lane.”

Goodridge added, “This shows we cannot trust the Liberal NDP coalition to continue to form government.”

Alberta’s Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors, Devin Dreeshen also had strong words for Guilbeault.

“The Liberal government is once again showing how out of touch they are when it comes to the needs of Albertans,” said Dreeshen.

“Albertans living and working in rural communities cannot walk to work or take public transit; they rely entirely on our vast road network to get where they need to go.”

Dreeshen said the Alberta government will continue to invest in new road and bridge projects to connect our growing province.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford also joined the chorus of voices speaking out against Guilbeault’s remarks.

“That guy’s a real piece of work, isn’t he?” said Ford.

“I find it ironic. We want to do EV vehicles and we have a great relationship with the federal government.” 

However, in his Montreal speech, Minister Guilbeault stated that Electric vehicles are not a solution to climate change. He added that focusing on the positive impact of electric-powered transportation would be “an error, a false utopia.”

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith echoed the concerns of many who heard Minister Guilbeault’s plan to stop funding road infrastructure.

“Does [Minister Guilbeault] understand that most Canadians don’t live in downtown Montreal?” said Smith.

“Most of us can’t just head out the door in the snow and rain and just walk 10km to work each day.” 

Harvard Media News interviewed MP Goodridge and asked what she would like to say to Minister Guilbeault regarding his announcement on infrastructure funding. Her one-word response was, “Resign.”

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