Federal Government rebrands carbon rebate

Canadians won’t find a Climate Action Incentive Payment coming into their bank account from the Federal Government anymore.

The quarterly rebate payments delivered to every tax-filing adult household are being rebranded and will now be called the “Canada Carbon Rebate.”

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said he hopes the rebranding will make it easier for Canadians to understand where the rebate comes from.

”We’re working with financial institutions to make sure that it’s labeled properly so people actually know what it is,” said Guilbeault.

“In many cases, it was very difficult for people to actually see they were getting it.”

On Wednesday, the government announced new rebate amounts that will come into effect on April 1, coinciding with a $15 per tonne increase in the carbon tax.

Canadian families can expect to receive carbon price rebates ranging from $760 to $2,160 this year, reflecting the higher carbon price.

Alberta Premier, Danielle Smith called the move an “Act of desperation”.

“Canadians are struggling to pay a carbon tax on top of the federal government’s self-inflicted inflation crisis.”

“No ‘rebrand’ will save the federal government from its dwindling poll numbers. No speeches or sound bites will make a difference.” The carbon tax and rebate program has stirred much controversy in recent months after the Federal Government decided to scrap the tax on home heating oil for the next three years. A move that primarily benefits Canadians living in Atlantic provinces where many homes use heating oil. However, despite

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