Ten sent to hospital from carbon monoxide

Regional Emergency Services (RES) and Regional Fire Chief Jody Butz are reminding everyone to check their carbon monoxide alarms and test them monthly.

Shortly after noon on Saturday, February 10, Firefighter-Paramedics responded to a medical call at an apartment complex in Timberlea.

During the call, the portable carbon monoxide detectors worn by the first responders alerted them to high and odorless gas. The levels were further confirmed by Firefighters who arrived to assist.

More firefighters and rescue teams, along with paramedics, bylaw officers, and other emergency response personnel were called in to assist with evacuation of the building.

The evacuees were examined at the scene and 10 residents were sent to the hospital for further assessment and treatment.

“I want to thank all the first responders who through their awareness and professionalism helped in this incident,” said Chief Butz.

“I can’t stress how important Carbon monoxide detectors are – they save lives. Have one on every level of your home and test them every month.”

RES says they conducted a floor-by-floor assessment of the complex before allowing tenants to return to their apartments.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalos says that carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that is odourless, colourless, and tasteless.

Malfunctioning or improperly vented furnaces or other fuel-burning heating and cooking equipment, portable generators, water heaters, or cars left running in garages can cause dangerous CO concentrations to build up.

Chief Buttz also would like everyone to know the warning signs of carbon monoxide exposure, which he says include headaches, faintness, dizziness, confusion, and irregular heartbeat.

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