Federal NDP seek to ban oil and gas advertising

Oil Pump. Wikimedia Commons. CC License
Oil Pump. Wikimedia Commons. CC License

The House of Commons will soon be debating a private members’ bill aiming to criminalize the advertising of fossil fuels.

Bill C-372 also known as the Fossil Fuel Advertising Act was tabled in the House by NDP Member of Parliament, Charlie Angus. The act would prohibit a person or company from promoting fossil fuels, a fossil fuel-related brand element, or promoting their production.

While introducing the bill, Angus accused the oil and gas sector of trafficking in disinformation and suggested they were killing people. Angus claims his bill was modeled after similar restrictions on tobacco advertising.

Angus claims the bill is modeled after similar legislation restricting the advertising of tobacco products.

“To claim that there are clean fossil fuels is like saying there are safe cigarettes,” said Angus.

“We know that is simply not true.”

“Now that the planet is on fire, they’re shifting their propaganda with false claims of producing cleaner products.”

Laila Goodridge, MP for Fort McMurray – Cold Lake isn’t so sure and thinks the bill is unreasonable.

“The NDP are wanting to put people in jail for saying they support Canadian energy,” said Goodridge.

“I will always speak up for Canada’s world class energy sector. When Fort McMurray works, Alberta works, and when Alberta works, Canada works.”

The Canadian Association of Energy Contractors (CAOEC) says they strongly oppose Bill C-372. CAOEC says it is disappointed by the lack of knowledge surrounding the energy issues that Canadians and many countries face. They believe the Bill would impede Canada’s ability to foster a sustainable energy industry, strengthen decarbonization efforts, and advance Indigenous economic reconciliation.

CAOEC represents energy service companies, with the inclusion of several Indigenous-owned and operated companies.

However, with only 25 seats in the House of Commons, the NDP would need the support of either the Liberal Party of Canada or the Conservative Party of Canada for the Bill to pass and head to the Senate for further debate.

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