WinterPLAY seeking volunteers and referees

2022 Shootout on the Snye. RMWB Web image
2022 Shootout on the Snye. RMWB Web image

WinterPLAY organizers are seeking volunteer support from local community organizations and groups. The celebration of winter is also seeking vendors to provide food during the  10-day festival at the Snye.

WinterPLAY runs from February 23 to March 3.  

Community organizations and social profits looking to raise funds are eligible to apply for general event support and referee opportunities. Groups will receive $500 per shift.

General event support duties could include:

  • Green team: Ensure the site is clean and free of garbage.
  • Firewatch: Tend to the community bonfire to ensure its safe operation. 
  • Site supervision: Monitor areas of the event site (i.e., public ice slides).
  • Activity support: Provide support to site activities (i.e., horse-drawn wagon rides, community rinks, etc.)
  • Firework event support: Keep the site clean and direct the public during firework events.

Referee duties could include:

  • Verify players on each team.
  • Support with timekeeping and scorekeeping.

To apply to help out and receive funding, you can visit the RMWB’s WinterPLAY website.

Vendors interested in selling food must apply through the 2024 Food Vendor Application Portal.

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