RMWB seeks feedback on downtown revitalization

RMWB Jubilee Centre -image from Wikimedia Commons
RMWB Jubilee Centre -image from Wikimedia Commons

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) is looking for your opinions on its Downtown Revitalization Incentives Program.

The initiative offers grants to eligible buildings in the downtown area to promote investment, improve their appearance, and strengthen the appeal of the downtown area. To date, 265 applications have been received, with the RMWB committing over $8.9 million in grants.

RMWB’s administration is now preparing a report to present to the Municipal Council. They are asking to hear from applicants, funding recipients, downtown businesses, and community members to identify how current incentives are working, and where the grant program can improve in the future.

Interested individuals can join in-person or online to share their opinions about the program, its impact, and ideas for improvement.

The RMWB has an online web survey available to the public. Residents may also register for in-person engagement sessions from Jan. 5 – Feb. 5, 2024. Registration can be cone through the RMWB’s online calendar of events.

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