Commanding Officer of Alberta RCMP announces retirement

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki. RCMP Supplied image
Commissioner Curtis Zablocki. RCMP Supplied image

The Commanding Officer of Alberta’s RCMP is retiring. After 34 years in the force, Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki is hanging up his Stetson but he’s not riding off into the sunset.

In the New Year, Zablocki will be taking on the position of Assistant Deputy Minister for the Public Security Division of Alberta’s Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Services.

Deputy Commissioner Zablocki is the 25th Commanding Officer of K-Division, holding the position for over five years. He says his decision to retire did not come easily.

“I have been fortunate to serve in Alberta for almost all of that time, and ending my career as the Commanding Officer here is a privilege and an honour,” said Zablocki

In his announcement, Zablocki hailed the professionalism of the Alberta RCMP and expressed his gratitude towards the people with whom he closely worked.

“Thank you to the citizens, community leaders, and elected officials of Alberta.”

“Together we have worked to ensure the Alberta RCMP is responsive to your needs, and that Albertans have a voice in how their policing services are delivered.”

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