RMWB council approves $611 million budget for 2024

RMWB Council – RMWB Website

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) Council has approved a $611.6 million budget for 2024.

$474 million will go toward operations and $137.6 million will be transferred to capital reserves.

The capital budget totals $170.4 million from capital reserves, grant funds, and revenue from 2024.

“This year’s budget represents Council’s continued commitment to investing in the people and communities of the region while remaining rooted in a sustainable future for the Municipality,” said Mayor Sandy Bowman.

“Budget 2024 plays a positive role in supporting the local economy and the people that live here through important services, projects and partnerships at a time when we need to focus on what is best for the community.”

Long-term sustainability is a key focus in both the operational and capital budget.

The operating budget will fund projects like fire and ambulance services with $44.5 million, bylaw services and police support with $54.4 million, and $24.6 million for road maintenance.

$69.6 million is going to environmental services such as water and solid waste and $21.2 million is being invested in parks.

The capital budget is supporting new projects while also completing existing ones.

Flood mitigation, the Fort McKay Community Centre, and the Northside Twin Arenas are part of the capital projects.

The meetings spanned four days and a list of highlights is available on the RMWB website.

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