Large industrial equipment travelling to Fort McMurray from Edmonton

Highway 63

A large piece of industrial equipment is being moved from Edmonton to Fort McMurray between Tuesday, Dec. 5 and Friday, Dec. 8, 2023.

The equipment is 8.7 metres wide, 10.2 metres high, 47 metres long and weighs 483,000 kilograms on a trailer with 352 wheels.

It will travel at 60km/h taking up the entire width of the highway, including the shoulder.

It will travel against the flow of traffic at times, and some power line lifts will be needed.

This convoy is expected to create delays and drivers are asked to be patient and watch for guide vehicles while the equipment is moving.

The route will start at 9325 51 Avenue in Edmonton on Dec. 5, 2023.

In the early morning of Dec. 5, it will travel east on 51 Avenue, south on 75 Street, east on Whitemud counterflow, south on Highway 216 counterflow, and east on Highway 14.

The move will continue in the daylight, travelling east on Highway 14, north on Highway 36, and heading east on Highway 45 and parking at the Two Hills scale for the night.

On Wednesday, the move will continue east on Highway 45, north on Highway 36, east on Highway 29, north up Highway 36, west on Highway 28, and finish heading north on Highway 63 and parking at Radway scale.

The equipment will continue north on Thursday on Highway 63, east on Highway 55, and head north again on Highway 63, finishing at the POE staging area.

The final day will be a night move on Friday, Dec. 8 where the equipment will travel north on Highway 63, utilize ramps in Fort McMurray to avoid overpasses and continue to Highway 63 using the Suncor ramp to miss an overpass.

Drivers can find up-to-date information from 511 Alberta.

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