Herbaland recalling bulk vitamins

Herbaland recalling bulk vitamin gummies. Supplied image,
Herbaland recalling bulk vitamin gummies. Supplied image,

Herbaland Naturals is issuing a voluntary recall on all Herbaland gummy vitamins and supplements sold in bulk.

The company says the products may pose serious health risks if misused, particularly for children and pregnant people. The gummies are sold at some retailers in Fort McMurray.

In a media release, Herbaland says, “Because the products are sold with little to none of the required labelling, consumers do not have the information they need to take the gummies safely, including dosing instructions, ingredients, and safety warnings.”

The company also states, “Some products may also not be appropriate for certain groups such as children, pregnant people, and people taking other health products.”

Herbaland also warns that the products could be mistaken for candy, which increases the risk of accidental overdose.

The company advises consumers to keep the product away from children and to dispose of the products. Herbaland invites anyone with questions about the recall to contact them at 1-877-464-8669.

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