Retired Judge releases memoir of life in Fort McMurray

Adam's Journey: A Struggle for Survival in a Hostile Land. written by Adam Germain
Adam’s Journey: A Struggle for Survival in a Hostile Land. written by Adam Germain

A prominent McMurrayite is out with a new book.

Adam Germain, a lawyer, former politician, and federal judge has published his memoir called, “Adam’s Journey, A Struggle for Survival in a Hostile Land”.

The book moves from his early years in Winnipeg to his eventual arrival in Fort McMurray where he practiced law. During the early 1990’s Germain served as Fort McMurray’s only Liberal MLA before being defeated and later serving as a Federal Judge.

“I began writing in bits and pieces, often just to pass along stories to my grandchildren,” says Germain.

“At first it was diary notes, and stories jotted down in my daytimer. By the time I entered politics, I realized this could become a book.”

Filled with anecdotes and names familiar to many long-time residents, the book offers a fresh insight into many of the key people and events which shaped our region.

In one anecdote, Germain tells of his first encounter with Leo Roberts who came to Germain’s law firm seeking help with a small criminal matter. Robert later went on to found the highly successful L. Robert Enterprises and eventually had an industrial park named in his honour.

“Fort McMurray has always had some mystery and bravado, and a lot has changed over the years” says Germain.

“But what hasn’t changed is the size of the community’s heart.”

Germain recently retired from his working life, after serving 25 years as Justice. Germain tells Harvard News Media, a key lesson from writing the book is that life is a series of moments, and he would never want to stop the clock at one point but will always keep pushing forward to see what is behind the next door.

The book is available from Page Master Publishing with all profits going to the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.

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