Pride YMM responds to comments from gender education protestors

Pride YMM October 21 counter-protest. Image provided by Pride YMM
Pride YMM October 21 counter-protest. Image provided by Pride YMM

Pride YMM is hitting back against comments made by individuals at a “Worldwide Stop the War on Children Rally” on Saturday.

In an interview with Harvard Media News, people protesting gender education in schools invited Pride to sit down and discuss their concerns. Pride YMM released a statement saying they had received no such invitation from protestors either before, during or after the event.

Pride is taking exception to comments from the protestors saying the protest is about protecting children. Pride YMM states they believe the protest is, “by definition homophobic and transphobic, as it is being used to incite stigmatizing fear towards the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and suggests that 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusive education is dangerous or inappropriate.”

Pride states every student deserves the right to learn in safe classrooms where their names and pronouns are respected and where they are free to be their selves without fear of discrimination.

Pride writes, “Sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, and gender expression are all protected grounds against discrimination in both the Alberta Human Rights Act and The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” Adding, “organized movements that threaten these rights and freedoms should be of grave concern and should not be tolerated within our community.”

In a Facebook post following the protest, disqualified UCP nominee Zulkifl Mujahid wrote, “We will keep exposing #Corrupt #Alberta #Government and #UCP who are imposing SOGI in Alberta #Education system.”

Zulkifil Mujahid "We will keep exp"osing #Corrupt #Alberta #Government and #UCP who are imposing SOGI in Alberta #Education system."

Harvard Media News has reached out to Mujahid for a comment, but he has not responded at the time of publishing.

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