Council needs more information for proposed skate park in Gregoire

man in midair skateboarding
man in midair skateboarding

Council has voted for more investigation into size requirements and prices for a proposed skate park in Gregoire.

Council was originally proposed three options for building the proposed skate park.

The first option would be to design it on an existing ice rink for an approximate building cost of $300,000.

Concerns within this design were the removal of the skate park for ice skating in the winter, as well as safety concerns over visibility from the parking lot.

The second option would cost roughly $800,000 for the installation of a new concrete pad and to install a modular skate park.

This option would allow for more customization for increased difficulty within the skate park.

The final option would be to install a permanent facility for an estimated cost of $1.5 million.

The customization would be limited after the construction but the longevity of the project was seen as a plus.

Councillor Ball brought forward a motion to propose more investigation into design specifics, size requirements, and prices.

He said he does support the project due to Fort McMurray being a more separated community and the difficulty of moving around town.

He continues that the only options given were to build and wants to look at it a little bit deeper.

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