Fort McMurray Public Schools welcomes new teachers

New teachers join FMPSD for 2023/24 school year. Media supplied by FMPSD
New teachers join FMPSD for 2023/24 school year. Media supplied by FMPSD

The Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) is experiencing an influx of students for the 2023/24 school year.

To meet the demands of growing schools and classrooms, FMPSD has hired 40 new teachers across the division.

The Division says the new educators bring diverse experiences, with some having previously taught across Canada and in other parts of the world. To assist the new professionals with integrating into the Fort Public School Division, they engage in a comprehensive orientation program.

“My previous experience as a Junior High educator certainly prepared me for the organizational aspects of my new role, but I am learning an incredible amount every day,” said Cole Thomson, a Grade 4 Teacher at Thickwood Heights.

“The first few days were filled with joyous and imperative team-building moments that continue to assist me in preparing for what is to come.”

Director of Teaching and Learning, Jen Quigley, says there are many opportunities available for new teachers in the field.

“All new FMPSD staff spend a day at the division office before the beginning of the school year for a full day of orientation, including a technology orientation,” said Quigley.

“FMPSD also provides a new teacher learning series, offering another opportunity for new teachers to come together, connect, and find commonalities.”

The FMPSD emphasizes that teachers are the backbone of our education system, bringing fresh perspectives, innovative techniques, and boundless enthusiasm to the classroom.

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