Regional Emergency Services revisits EMS delivery in Wood Buffalo

Inside of ambulance – RMWB Emergency Services Facebook

Regional Emergency Services (RES) made a presentation to Council to discuss Emergency Medical Services (EMS) delivery in the Wood Buffalo region.

RES discussed it is a third-party contractor through Alberta Health Services (AHS) that provides EMS delivery in the region.

AHS was created in 2008 and began management of funding for EMS across the province.

AHS signed a contract with the RMWB in 2014 for a five year term that allowed EMS delivery to be a part of the current integrated fire and EMS service.

The integrated service allows for dual training of medical and fire response allowing fire services to assist in medical events.

The contract also allowed for a four year extension that would end in 2023.

AHS informed the RMWB Regional Fire Chief on Mar. 22, 2022 that the next contract will be a new 5-year term.

Negotiations were set to take place in fall 2022 but did not occur and no reasons were provided.

AHS and RES agreed to a 6-month extension to discuss a new contract and the contract is set to end on Sept. 30, 2023.

RES says this will not impact service delivery but will need a contract to legally provide care.

The groups continue to discuss a new agreement but have made little progress.

RES is looking to receive full cost recovery by AHS to avoid subsidy of the service from the RMWB while also maintaining a partnership and the use of the integrated model to ensure flexibility.

Council voted to extend the current contract with AHS to provide RES delivery in the region.

RES will also be continuing negotiations with AHS to ensure contract terms and conditions, and continue RES delivery.

Council voted unanimously for the motion.

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