Godzilla 1998 is BACK

A man and his many Godzilla (1998) copies on VHS
A man and his many Godzilla (1998) copies on VHS

With the announcement of a 25th anniversary edition steelbook BluRay of the contentious American Godzilla adaptation starring Matthew Broderick arriving October 24th, which you can read all about here, it’s a great time to revisit the collection of a former Fort McMurray resident and his now 51-deep collection of the infamous movie on VHS format.

(If you’re reading this, Alex, I still have fond memories of watching old Toho monster movies in your parents’ basement growing up.)

It’s unclear if the goal is simply to own more copies than any other has been able to accomplish, or if the hope is to take as many instances out of circulation as possible for crimes against cinema. Either way, it’s a *ahem* monster effort.

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