Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to introduce new inclusivity charter

RMWB Jubilee Centre -image from Wikimedia Commons
RMWB Jubilee Centre -image from Wikimedia Commons

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) is strengthening its commitment to workplace equity and inclusion by signing a new formal Charter.

The Wood Buffalo Workplace Inclusion Charter (WIC) is a toolkit for helping employers build more equitable and inclusive workplaces through a declaration of principles and the adoption of specific commitments.

“The municipality is aiming to foster more spaces of belonging, collaboration and respect, where all current and future employees, regardless of their social identity can thrive, feel seen and valued,” said Deanne Bergey, Director, Community and Protective Services.

There are a variety of levels listed in the Charter, with the RMWB committing to achieving the Gold Inclusion Champion level. Achieving this standard entails providing additional training, developing new policies and guidelines, enhancing human resources processes, providing additional support to staff, and creating more inclusive spaces.

The WIC will be introduced on September 25 at the Fort McMurray Golf Club, and the RMWB is encouraging industry, local businesses, social profit organizations, and other groups to join them to learn more.

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