Mr. Dressup Doc

A new film all about a dear friend to all Canadians, Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe, premiered at TIFF this past weekend. Like it was for so many, Ernie Coombs was a fixture on our cathode-ray tube television set with rabbit ear antenna on top when I was growing up. It’s heart-warming to see just how much of an impact he and the cast and crew of his long-running show had on generations of Canadians and more. And he didn’t even become a Canadian citizen until 1994, some 27 or so years into the run of the show.

“Keep your crayons sharp, your sticky tape untangled, and always put the tops back on your markers.” – Ernie Coombs

Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video starting October 10th.

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