Bear-resistant collection bins coming to Saprae Creek Estates

Residents in Saprae Creek Estates will be receiving 300 new bear-resistant curbside collection bins for their homes very soon.

These collection bins are part of a new project to reduce the number of wildlife interactions in the community.

The bins are built with a latch under the front of the bin, that can be used to lock or unlock the lid of the garbage.

Residents will not need to unlock their bins for collection day as the garbage truck is automated to do it.

The truck will then relatch your bin for use.

The RMWB says they have already tested the bins last year on a smaller scale in Saprae Creek and found positive results, with fewer wildlife interactions being reported.

The RMWB approved the project with the intention of extending it to other communities if successful.

“We live in bear country and that means we will experience interactions with bears and other wildlife,” said Antoine Rempp, Director of Environmental Services in a press release.

“This pilot project is intended to help reduce the number of these interactions.”

Saprae Creek Estates was selected for the program due to higher reports of resident and wildlife interactions.

One bin per household will be delivered to residents starting August 11, 2023, and old bins have to be empty and accessible to be picked up between August 11-13, 2023.

A survey is ongoing throughout the project for residents in Saprae Creek Estates to share feedback on the bins.

The thoughts and opinions shared regarding the bins will assist in the project’s future, and if successful, will extend it in the community.

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