New tobacco regulations come into force

New regulations for tobacco products come into force today.

The Federal Government is rolling out new messages on tobacco packages along with toxicity information and graphic examples of the health consequences of smoking.

In addition to the packing changes, Canada is now the first country in the world to require the display of health warnings directly on tobacco products.

While there is a transition period for manufacturers and retailers to comply with the new rules, smokers will soon see written messages directly on their cigarettes.

The warnings inform smokers of tobacco use’s health consequences, ranging from organ damage to impotence.

Manufacturers of tobacco products will have until January to display the new health warnings.

By April of next year, all King Size cigarettes will display health messages on each individual stick of tobacco. Regular-size cigarettes must display the new messages no later than January 31, 2025.

The federal health agency also continues the requirement for tobacco companies to include information on the benefits of quitting and provide tobacco cessation tips to help tobacco users live a smoke-free life.

According to Health Canada, the new messaging is an important component of Canada’s Tobacco Strategy, which aims to reduce tobacco use across the country.

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