Line repainting on Fort McMurray roads over summer

The RMWB is repainting and refreshing road lanes, directional arrows, and crosswalks throughout the region this summer.

Temporary lane and crosswalk closures will be in place when crews are milling and painting, and the RMWB wants to remind residents to watch out for crews working on the road and give them space while driving.

The RMWB says an effort is being made to complete the work at night to minimize construction impacts, such as temporary, partial road closures to ensure the paint dries properly.

The line painting is expected to continue until August 31, 2023, but may be adjusted due to weather or availability of materials.

Those looking for extra information are encouraged to call the PULSE line at 780-743-7000, or visit

The list of roads affected can be found below but it is unclear when each will be closed.

The lanes being refreshed and repainted are

  • Abasand Drive
  • Athabasca Avenue (section)
  • Blackburn Drive (section)
  • Clearwater Drive
  • Cornwall Drive
  • Duncan Drive
  • Eagle Ridge Gate ramp to Confederation Way
  • Fort McKay Access Road
  • Fraser Avenue (section)
  • Gregoire Drive
  • Hardin Street
  • Highway 69
  • Manning by Morrison
  • Northland Drive, Conklin
  • Macdonald Avenue
  • Franklin Avenue on Morrison
  • Arabian Drive
  • Gregoire Drive
  • Riedel Street
  • Satellite yard & water treatment plant
  • Signal Road
  • Silin Forest Road (section)
  • Tundra Drive
  • Abasand Drive
  • Confederation Way
  • Franklin Avenue
  • Hospital Street by Franklin
  • King Street
  • MacKenzie Boulevard
  • Ashgrove Drive
  • Thickwood Boulevard by Real Martin

The crosswalks being refreshed and repainted are

  • Beacon Hill/Beacon Hill
  • Beacon Hill/Beacon Woods
  • Prospect/Plamondon
  • Confederation Way/Prospect
  • Loutit by the Commons
  • Tundra/Bird Crescent
  • Rainbow Creek Drive/Iris Way
  • Sparrow Hawk Dr./Heron Pl
  • Athabasca Avenue
  • Athabasca Crescent
  • Carteret by the ball park
  • Hospital/Franklin
  • Thickwood/Silin Forest
  • Riedel/Franklin

Directional arrows being refreshed are

  • Thickwood/Signal
  • Coventry/Heritage
  • Highway 69/Airport
  • Hospital / Franklin
  • Hardin /Fraser
  • Hardin/Franklin
  • Millennium/Parsons Creek Dr
  • Silin Forest Rd

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