Alberta GDL drivers automatically graduate program

Eligible GDL drivers in Alberta will now automatically graduate from the program instead of needing to take a test.

Drivers, aged 18 or over, who have completed the required 24-month driving period, and have had no suspensions or demerits in the last 12 months, will receive a letter informing them of the upgrade.

The Alberta government made the promise back in April and says it will help save drivers the $154 cost to exit the program.

About 500,000 drivers were eligible to exit the program on April 1st,2023 when the government made the promise.

Drivers are not legally required to upgrade their licenses when their GDL period ends.

The driver can make the decision to upgrade, but many see it as a benefit for work or obtaining other licenses.

Drivers who don’t obtain a new card will have it upgraded the next time they renew.

The GDL program’s 12-month prohibitionary period extends for another year if the driver receives any demerits, or suspensions, or is ticketed for other unsafe driving offences.

If drivers are stopped in Alberta, the officer will know they have a full license through the Canadian Police Information Centre.

If drivers are leaving Alberta, they are encouraged to keep their letter in their vehicle, or upgrade their license, as other agencies may not have access to the data.

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