Pride YMM calls on FMCSD trustee after controversial posts

Pride YMM is calling on a Fort McMurray Catholic School District (FMCSD) Board Trustee to apologize and take accountability.

This comes after controversial anti-trans posts were posted on Trustee Jonathan Higdon’s social media.

Pride YMM made an official statement at the June 19th FMCSD Board of Trustees meeting.

Pride YMM does not want to see Trustee Higdon fired, but rather to take inclusivity training and issue an apology to those he affected.

“Although many people in the community are calling for his removal that is not Pride YMMs stance,” says Pride YMM chair, Mitchel Bowers.

“We believe he should acknowledge the harm he has caused, apologize and take inclusivity training. If he’s not willing to do those things to take accountability then the school board should hold him accountable in whichever way they deem necessary.”

FMCSD released a statement following the June 19th board meeting, saying they will work with Pride YMM and other organizations to build upon their inclusive practices.

Harvard Media News reached out to Trustee Higdon, as well as the Chair of the FMCSD Board of Trustees, but they did not respond for comment before our deadline.

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