Keyano College business students return from Costa Rica

A group of business students from Keyano College are back from an educational trip to Costa Rica.

Late last month, 13 students from the college’s business program embarked on the eight-day trip as part of the federal government’s outbound mobility project.

The aim of the project is to increase the participation of underrepresented students in international learning opportunities, diversify the destination countries students choose to visit and test innovative approaches to reduce barriers to study and work abroad.

“Going to Costa Rica was a privilege I’m grateful for,” says Tiffany Walters, a first-year Business Administration student.

“The trip allowed me to better understand intercultural communication on an international level, international networking, and change management.”

While in Costa Rica, they learned about the nation’s plan to be carbon neutral by 2050. They also visited a variety of companies and organizations doing business in the island nation.

“We went to a coffee farm that taught us so much about what goes into making coffee from a seed to the cup, which only contains 0.01% of the actual coffee plant,” says Connor Czibere, first-year in Business Administration – Management student.

“The trip to Costa Rica was the best one of my life!”

The group, headed by Keyano instructor Gregory Krabes and was sponsored through grant funding received from Colleges and Institutes Canada through the Global Skills Opportunity Program.

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