Alberta RCMP launch CAPTURE program province-wide

The Alberta RCMP have launched their voluntary surveillance camera registry program province-wide.

The program is named CAPTURE and is short for Community Assisted Policing Through the Use of Recorded Evidence.

Residents and businesses who have video surveillance, and are willing to share the footage when requested, can sign up.

The RCMP says the program is to help reduce the time an officer needs to search and gather video evidence.

The CAPTURE program allows a business or person to upload a portion of the video requested and will allow officers to evaluate the footage before asking for a copy.

The Alberta RCMP wants the community to know the program is completely voluntary and consent can be withdrawn at any time.

The RCMP say they will not have live access to your camera feed and will only ask for videos already recorded.

They say that registering a camera and contact information allows them to see a list of security cameras so they can contact owners during an investigation.

For more information on the program, or to sign up, you can visit

Your information is not available to the public and if an officer needs to contact you, they will use the information provided.

The RCMP says this strategy is one of the ways the RCMP is working with communities to solve crime faster.

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