Fort Chipewyan Fire named Rocky River Fire

The wildfire burning just seven kilometres from Fort Chipewyan is now called the Rocky River Fire.

While Alberta ended the province-wide state of emergency on June 3rd, the RMWB is extending our state of local emergency until June 13th.

Fort Chipewyan remains under an evacuation order as crews work to contain the blaze.

The fire remains just under 25,000 hectares in size and is burning out of control.

Alberta Wildfire has more than 200 firefighters and support personnel, 20 helicopters and several pieces of heavy equipment, along with the support from 65 Canadian Armed Forces personnel, directly working to hold and manage the wildfire.

There are dozens of firefighters and teams on the ground that are continuing to build new fire breaks around the community to enhance the guards that are already in place.

The RM says there is no date for re-entry, and residents will not return to the community until it is deemed safe.

The Municipality is asking anyone who left their vehicle at the dock in Fort Chipewyan to arrange to have it moved.  Athabasca Tribal Council and the teams supporting evacuees at the hotels will assist people with getting their keys to Fort Chipewyan.

Although Fort McMurray has experienced significant rain, only about 7 millimetres have fallen in Fort Chipewyan.

The Fire Weather Intelligence forecast is predicting a windy day in Fort Chip with a high of 23 degrees.

A fire ban remains in place for the entire RMWB. No fires of any kind are allowed; OHV restrictions remain due to the wildfire hazard in Fort McMurray Forest Area.

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