Privacy commissioners launch investigation of Chat GPT

Chat GPT is under the microscope as concerns over data privacy mount.

The Privacy Commissioner for Canada, along with provincial privacy tsars in Alberta, B.C., and Quebec are opening investigations of the AI chat program over mounting worries about how it collects and uses personal information.

The investigation comes on the same day as Open AI releases a Chat GPT app for iOS and Android.

In April, Italy became the first G7 country to ban Chat GPT due to privacy issues.

Recently, AI programs have faced lawsuits over copyright infringement as they allegedly used intellectual property to create images and music.

The privacy authorities will investigate whether OpenAI, which owns and operates Chat GPT:

  • Has obtained valid and meaningful consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of the personal information of individuals based in Canada via ChatGPT.
  • Has respected its obligations with respect to openness and transparency, access, accuracy, and accountability.
  • Has collected, used, and/or disclosed personal information for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate, reasonable, or legitimate in the circumstances, and whether this collection is limited to information that is necessary for these purposes.

Provincial and Federal privacy commissioners say their investigation into Chat GPT is ongoing and no further details will be provided.

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