Election 2023: Zulkifl Mujahid – Independent

What are your thoughts on the oil sands sector?

Oh, that’s a really good question. Stephen Harper, the very man who committed fossil-fueled rich Canada to end all production and the use of carbon-based energy to fall in line with W E F agenda is endorsing Danielle Smith. Like Rachel Notley, Danielle Smith’s UCP party is promoting the end of the oil sands. According to Danielle Smith, she has come full circle on the climate change agenda, and claims her leadership can hit Net Zero faster than anyone anywhere else. And there is a company right here in Fort McMurray, by the name of Iron & Earth, which is funded in the in part by The Tides Foundation, whose mandate is nor to is to transition fossil fuel workers, Indigenous people and their communities to build and implement climate solutions. Part of the Liberals just transition program, Danielle Smith suggest that Alberta shares in the country’s goal to reduce emissions across all industries in line with the United Nations agenda, including oil and gas, but does not like the word choice just for the UCP the words sound too final. They sound final because the goal is to eliminate the oil sands by 2050. Thank you. And I want to I want to add one more thing. Oil sands are an integral part of our economy. By engaging with constituents and building strategic alliances, we can effectively bring the issue of saving the oil sands legislation to the table and influence the legislative agenda. Thank you.

Do you have any plans or policy regarding emissions from oil sands?

Yeah, although too deep to dive into here, there and carbon capture projects in which the Liberals, NDP and the UCP have partnered and agreed to spend billions of taxpayers dollars. To date, Alberta has committed almost $2 billion to support these projects, looking more like corporate mafia, than supporting the people of this province. I encourage residents of Fort McMurray to look up carbon capture painted number, US 8119091 B2 for more information. Elected representatives in Alberta and Canada must be challenged on this treasonous betrayal of the people. Thank you.

What are your plans for addressing EMS response times?

I think it was a biggest mistake ever when we centralized EMS. It’s not good for any local community when you do something centralized, so I believe I need to bring back EMS locally, so they can address properly and there will be less time to respond. And one more thing I want to add, we do have very shortage of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. And I do have a plan to bring surgeons back which used to be there, but not anymore. I want to bring them back. And if we have a shortage of workers all over the Canada, there is a way like I can put a legislation in legislative assembly and bring those paramedical staff, doctors, and nurses around the world. And before they arrive over here, they can do their degree equivalency. So when they arrive, they can go to work right away instead of a doctor is driving a taxi. It doesn’t make any sense. So we should utilize those resources, especially for the rural areas. I talked to so many leaders before two three years ago, like we can do one more thing. We can start a program to provide a citizenship, if those paramedical staff or doctors or nurses stay in rural areas for more than five years, then we can offer them a citizenship and you know when somebody leaves in five years in any area, they have strong bonding towards that area. Same like I came in 15 but my family came here in like 50 years ago, my first uncle now I have like 50 to 60 family members in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo constituency. And I don’t want to leave my hometown which is Fort McMurray now. So for me, Canada is Fort McMurray. So that’s what I want. Thank you.

Do you have plans to address inflation or economic plans in general?

Yes, the biggest problem we are facing right now is taxes. We need to reduce the taxes. And there is another issue we are facing globally as well and Canada is facing. It’s a food shortage. Recent reports of foods shortage coming is a real concern globally. We have already seen the cost of food go through the roof, largely in part to the global agenda of eliminating the consumption of meat. I plan to develop a small farms initiative program to educate individuals, families and communities to become more self-reliant. Fort McMurray Alberta, despite its reputation as an industrial hub, offers several advantages for garden growth. Here are some of the key advantages long daylight odds, abundant water resources, fertile soil, extended growing season, local food movement. We will conduct market research and engage with potential buyers, such as local restaurants, farmers, markets, grocery stores, and floral shops to understand their specific needs and preferences. One of the initiatives that is on my agenda is to create a composting program. Additionally, we hope to create a local agricultural associations or cooperatives to connect with other farmers and excess marketing opportunities. Thank you.

Why did you choose to run? What makes you the right choice?

Okay, so no matter where you look in this world today, people feel and know something is very wrong. It is not a Fort McMurray thing or an Alberta thing or even a Canada thing. It is a global phenomenon. Our very survival along with our cherished values of freedom, liberty, and justice are all at stake. The common denominator is the United Nations and their agenda 2030 which seeks to strip what is left over of our sovereignty by imposing global directives. The people of this province needs to firstly acknowledge the lies we have been fed and the nonstop assault on our health, our food and our livelihoods. And I am the only candidate on the ballot May 29, who is addressing the real issues of the day. And my experience with the UCP opened my eyes to the lack of democratic process within the party itself. As many know I was voted to be the UCP candidate running in this election. But that seemed to have caught the party by surprise. The stage was set to allow Danielle Smith to disqualify me and appoint the incumbent, Tany Yao. And this truly was a blessing in disguise as it forced me to look at the entire platform that I once thought was for the betterment of the Alberta. I, like many Albertans had been fooled, almost wishful thinking to believe that the UCP party was in opposition to the global mandate and agenda 2030. Once removed from the party and blinders off, it became clear the UCP are no different than liberals and NDP. They all are answerable to United Nations and World Economic Forum as they in lockstep plan to build back better, by the way, which is a controlling thing. Utilizing the global agenda and directions that sustain naval development goals aim to change the very way we live, how we organize our economies, our cities, our energy, housing and food system. This is growing concern regarding the agenda of the globalist who seek to exert control over every aspect of our lives, often working hand in hand with politicians to restructure Western democracies. While globalization and international cooperation can bring about positive outcomes. It is crucial to maintain a balance between global interest and the sovereignty of individual nations. I want to add one, I want to wrap up so my biggest thing is, I will engage in consultation with Indigenous leaders, community members and experts, to understand their perspectives, needs and aspirations. Together, we will draft legislation that will actually address their concerns. We work with the entire community, not just a political figureheads. We will make actual plans, not just lip service acknowledging we work and play on the lands of the treaty. Allowing unelected foreign entities to govern the people of Alberta by way of agenda 2030 is an act of treason, and will result in a very dark future for all of us. I ask for your vote on May 29. So together, we can create a community of freedom and abundance for all. Thank you so much.

If someone is undecided, what would you do or say to convince them?

We ran out of time before reaching this question.

Anything else regarding plans or policies or anything you want the people to know?

We ran out of time before reaching this question.

You can listen to the full interview here: Election 2023: Zulkifl Mujahid – Independent.

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