Federal Government launching own investigation over Kearl leaks

Environment and Climate Change Canada is now launching an investigation into Imperial Oil’s Kearl Oil Sands.

The company is already under investigation by the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Environment Canada is conducting their inquiry due to potential violations of the federal Fisheries Act. The legislation prohibits the deposit of a deleterious substance into water frequented by fish, or in any place where a deleterious substance may enter any such water.

Lisa Schmidt, a spokesperson for Imperial Oil says they are cooperating with the federal government, and they are also continuing to take actions to prevent potential impacts to downstream water bodies.

“We have enhanced our monitoring efforts in this area and regular sampling programs by third parties are underway,” says Schmidt.

“We continue to evaluate an additional precautionary step to install a barrier at the outflow of the waterbody.”

Imperial Oil isn’t the only group under investigation over the Kearl Oil Sands issues. The Board of Directors for the Alberta Energy Regulator is currently selecting an impartial third party to investigate how AER handled certain portions of their response to the Kearl leakages.

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